Retailers are always on the lookout for new products that their customers want and will buy regularly. Having these products gives your customers an excellent shopping experience and improves your bottom line.

Table d’Hote is specializing in transforming everyday staple items into unique gourmet experiences. Through our intensive research, we have taken deluxe items, previously available only in limited supply, and now produce them in volume while maintaining every aspect of their old-world hand-made consistency and taste.

We now have available authentic crispy non-GMO baguettes in 2 formats. The bulk packaged breads will enhance your customers' experience in your bakery department through their unique look and delicious smell.

For the convenience of your customers, our 6�, 4�, and 2� rolls are available in multi-pack boxes for your freezer sections. These boxes provide a great alternative for both the supermarket which does not have a fresh bakery section and for customers who want to present their family and guests with Table d’Hote’s freshly-baked gourmet rolls